Tātai Ora believes that every whānau holds the potential to realise their mana motuhake, by becoming the greatest version of themselves. 

Who are we?

Ko wai mātou?

The seed for Tātai Ora was sown after a decade of working with one of the most deprived sporting communities in Aotearoa. Members and leaders of this community were looking for ways to address the anti-social and violent behaviours that they were experiencing and that were negatively impacting on the wellbeing of their people. Tātai Ora was born from their desire for change.

In many cases, our communities lack the skills, knowledge and confidence to make the positive change they envision for themselves. Rather than see our people depend on service providers to resolve their issues, we want to see whānau do this for themselves.

We believe that every whānau holds the potential to realise their ‘mana motuhake’, by becoming the greatest version of themselves. We walk alongside whānau, step by step, to help them break down the barriers and overcome the kinds of fears that hold all of us back from reaching our full potential. That is the real kaupapa of Tātai Ora.

Given that sport is a popular site for Māori within mainstream society, we see huge potential and opportunities to engage with whānau where they already are. In saying that, we do not deliver sport. However, we do support those who provide services by partnering with teams, clubs, organisations and communities, in their journey to attain their social, health, education, wellbeing and cultural aspirations.

Tātai Ora Model

Te tauira o Tātai ora

Our Tātai Ora model is about alignment between whānau, club and marae to achieve mana motuhake. Each of the key concepts in the model are recognised spaces of influence for Māori wellbeing that contribute to greater whānau wellbeing, and that help us achieve our long-term goal for whānau of mana motuhake.

We see whanaungatanga, manaakitanga, wairuatanga, rangatiratanga and kotahitanga as fundamental values that guide a way of being. These values remain unchanged in successfully functioning marae and are universal. They have the potential to rejuvenate clubs and homes as places where people are happy, healthy and in successfully functioning whānau.

Karapu Hākinakina

Sports Club

The club is often the hub of the sporting community and the ideal gateway to connect with whānau and community. This is the entry point where we develop relationships with clubs to introduce ways in which we can connect and reconnect with te ao Māori as a strategy to reclaim our traditional principles in a mainstream setting.


Traditional Cultural Community Centre

The marae is the cultural centre of Māori society in modern times. As such, the marae is upheld as a sacred environment by Māori where emphasis on Māori wellbeing is prioritised.

Significantly, the marae remains the one unchanged place within mainstream society where traditions, cultural knowledge and customary practices of te ao Māori are retained.

We aim to draw on the universal principles of marae as a source of strength for whānau and mainstream community.

Kainga a Whānau

Family Home

At each level of engagement, whether at the kainga, the karapu, or the marae, whānau wellbeing is the priority of Tātai Ora kaupapa to achieve mana motuhake.

Healthy whānau ultimately have all the tools to confidently strengthen themselves. We hope that whānau will take what they’ve learned and transplant that knowledge into their home environment.

Our Purpose

Ā mātou kaupapa

Tātai Ora’s key role is to initiate and provide support to help whānau by

  • building on their existing strengths and capabilities;
  • enhancing their self-confidence;
  • helping them articulate and attain their own aspirations; and
  • empowering whānau to attain mana motuhake (a feeling and sense of self-determination, liberation, empowerment and control).

It is our view that through action towards mana motuhake, we can combat family violence, prevent suicide and promote mental and relational wellbeing.

Our Vision

Sport is a seed for change – nurturing stronger whānau and communities.

Just like a seed, people need a suitable environment and nourishment to grow and achieve their greatest potential. Sport can provide the foundation, knowledge and experience for harnessing our inner strengths and capabilities.

Our Mission

Empowering whānau to attain their sense of mana motuhake.

Through nurturing the potential within, we prepare the foundation for whānau to attain their mana motuhake (a feeling and sense of self-determination, liberation, empowerment and control).

Our Values

Aroha – Tika – Pono.

We are driven by our love (aroha) for our people and by seeing whānau flourish and thrive. Our values help us work with whānau in a genuine (tika), authentic (pono) way.

Our Priorities

Ā mātou kaupapa ake

Tātai Ora are here to work alongside our people in a way that is meaningful to the whānau and to the communities we serve.

We take a systemic, all-inclusive view to the way we operate, ensuring long-lasting solutions free from alternative agendas and political influence.

Our people deserve better and we’re committed to authentic engagements that are truly meaningful to the whānau we connect with. “Ticking boxes just doesn’t cut it!”

Tātai Ora draws on indigenous knowledge, wisdom and practice from within te ao Māori to nourish the restoration and regeneration of mana motuhake within the foundations of sport, recreation and cultural settings.


Whānau have the tools and confidence to strengthen their wellbeing.


Sports clubs and organisations provide a safe and supportive environment that fosters leadership and wellbeing.


Relationships between whānau and sports clubs, marae, hapū, iwi, local authorities, service providers, support organisations and schools are valued, and positively unify communities at large.